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Memory Stick Backup

This small tool is a 3 click memory stick backup solution. It is a bit like a synchronization tool, but unlike pure synchronization, it doesn't delete or overwrite obsolete / changed files; it does archive them. And unlike a full-fledged backup application it has not the demand of a full backup. It can't recover like a backup back to a specific state and it is completely based on copy files around. So you still need a good backup tool for your hard disks. It is designed to do the following in mind in a easy way: The tool copies all changed or new files from a memory stick to a local drive in a folder called "backup". The tool doesn't just delete or overwrite files on the local drive. If the original files from the stick where deleted or changed on the stick, the tool does move them to a folder called "archive". The last backup is always in the folder "backup" on the local drive.


The JGoodies Forms framework helps you lay out and implement elegant Swing panels quickly and consistently. It makes simple things easy and the hard stuff possible, the good design easy and the bad difficult.